Focus on Nature XI: Congrats to Emily & Dino!

The Focus on Nature XI: Natural Science Exhibition is on  from April 12 through October 31 at the New York State Museum.

This year’s world-class, juried exhibition features 93 natural history illustrations from 13 countries.  Two SONSI members, Emily Damstra and Dino Pulerá are not only represented in this amazing show, they’ve each won an award!
a Cretaceous bivalve - reconstructed in life position Pterotrigonia (Trigonia) thoracica
Scientific illustrator Emily Damstra, is featured for her glittering Rock Bass -Ambloplites rupestris (coloured pencil), and has also won for  Left Valve and Life Reconstruction of a Cretaceous Bivalve – Pterotrigonia thoracica (Gouache, 2008).

Certified medical illustrator Dino Pulerá is featured in the exhibition with a sleek, sharp Burmese Python Cranium and Mandible, Left Lateral View, and won for his illustration of a Rock Dove Air Sacs, Lateral and Ventral Views (digital, 2009). In addition to his custom work, Dino also has a selection of stock images available. Y’know, I’ve always liked the name “rock dove” better than pigeon.  They’re quite striking animals.

Congratulations to Emily and Dino!  It’s an amazing show – certainly worth visiting in person.


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