13 responses to “Need Feedback for SONSI logo sketches!

  1. Nice work Jeremy!

    I think #1 is best, and will be really great with a naturally rendered Trillium. The earth image in the background is a little hard to read, but since it’s so well known I’m sure most everyone will recognize it, even if just subliminally. One possible improvement…more green; maybe a border or outline or shading in the SONSI font?

  2. I really like the images and I can see a lot has gone into each of them. I like the effort towards the “natural science” portion of the group. I’m wondering if there should be some representation of the “illustrators” portion as well? The GNSI works this in with a pen for the “I”, we could do something like that maybe? I’m less partial to the water droplets and more for the others, like #21 as I think they will be easier to print/reproduce on various items should it come up later (though I do also like #6 as it is clear and easy to read).

  3. There is some total charm in # 18 with the ladybug. I like that is looks closer to a hand-written script.

    I also like #6 the most out of the droplet style logos. We could easily drop off the long-form of the group’s name for badges and so on if needed, and it’s really clear.

    Overall Jeremy, I love love love the idea of water droplets and trilliums. These are all pretty great.

  4. I really love the idea of using a trillium as it is very appropriate for Ontario and as an illustration subject. I do however feel that blue may be have too much of a corporate association and feel that something earthier would lend itself better to SONSI. I also feel that the water droplet is a very charming shape and would work at a reduced size, but brings to mind water companies and bottled water. #18 is sweet and I really liked the ladybug being included in the letter.

    In general I feel that something that looks a little more hand rendered and tactile would really characterize the group, (a little more in the style of Jeremy’s orange and globe painting?).

  5. I like 1,2 and 18 if the whole name could be included. Re 1 and 2, I agree with Elizabeth about the corporate association. I also agree that the teardrop shape is not the way to go.

    Something with a little more reference to nature.

  6. Notice that if you click on the sketches image, you get a larger version with more accurate colouration. For some reason, the reduced image has artificially bright colour. (At least on my browser)!

  7. Thanks so much, Jeremy, for your willingness to take this on!

    I like Jeremy’s idea of using a realistically-illustrated trillium in the logo. I do not object to the water drop, though I’m not sure it’s critical to the logo. My first reaction to the blue colours was very positive, though Elizabeth’s comment about a corporate-feel has now tainted my opinion. 🙂 I can see what she means. However, maybe we should reclaim the beautiful blues from those corporate entities! And, maybe it is the clean precision of the image that makes it feel corporate, and not so much the colour.

    I agree with Elizabeth that a hand-rendered feel would be appropriate. Though I wouldn’t mind an element of playfulness in our logo, #18 seems TOO casual for our group.

    I buy Jeremy’s argument for using both the full name and acronym in our logo.

    Of the sketches that include water, I like #s 5 and 6, but prefer the typeface with serifs (like in #s 8 and 20). I like Glendon’s idea that the logo include the full name around drop, but that we can remove it when necessary. I think the full name should be larger – more readable – so I suggest a larger point size for the type, and placing “Southern Ontario” on top of the circle with the rest below.

    Of the sketches that do not include water, I like #20, but would suggest that it be paired with a trillium (placed above or next to the acronym, not in place of the O). In this case I also suggest that the full name be larger and removable. I guess I lean more toward this direction – simple and elegant.

  8. Great work Jeremy!

    I personally like ’21’ the most. Though I’m slightly worried that people might not recognize the trillium logo as an “O”. This isn’t such a big deal since the acronym is spelled out bellow it. I think the trillium is a great idea and it goes wonderfully with the serif font. I like how the logo is simple, clean, and professional. The logo has just the right amount of colour and will print well, even in black and white.

    The other ones that I liked were 5 and 20. Thanks for all your time and effort put into this already.

  9. Great work, Jeremy! It’s tough to choose between them.

    I’m assuming that the trillium will be worked up more realistically, whichever logo is chosen, and I think that’s very important, otherwise it will look like a corporate logo.

    I’m leaning towards #21 as I think it will work at any size. The problem with the water drops, as I see it, is that it’s too difficult to read the full name. I’m also wondering how #21 would look if the trillium was superimposed over a blue circle or over the letter O?

    I’m not in favour of the ladybug as it looks unprofessional to me – it suggests something humerous of perhaps associated with children. It might work if the ladybug was rendered with scientific accuracy and the letters were more formal.

  10. Hall and i really applaud all of your great work Jeremy, and your initiative in starting off the dialogue on the SONSI logo design. Thanks for kicking this off.

    Creating anything by committee is of course going to be more complicated, but we have a few comments, food for thought….

    A logo needs to work at all sizes, from large to small, and also in both b/w and colour. Although 1 thru 9 are all beautiful and graceful designs, they are very complex and the full name is not readable. Only we know what our acronym stands for, and the logo needs to make this clear.

    We both agree with the comments that both the blue colour and the droplet shape associate strongly with water, suggesting perhaps water conservation or something like that. We also agree that a nicely illustrated trillium would be an ideal choice to visualize the group name. Along those lines, perhaps an Ontario map would be more appropriate than a world map, although if you have a trillium in there it may not need a map at all.

    We both think 13 and 14 are the strongest designs – they are direct, simple, clear, beautiful, and very readable and distinctive. For the others in the RH column, we both agree that the trillium reads as ‘A’ instead of as ‘O’.

    We agree also that the bug one, although charming, might be a bit too informal.

    What if #13 were ringed by the full name, perhaps in blue? We liked Emily’s suggestion that ‘Southern Ontario’ could go around the top and the rest around the bottom.

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