5 responses to “SONSI logo sketches – Round 2

  1. Awesome stuff again, Jeremy.

    #3 is remarkable: the shape of the circle with the long-form name of the group really brings out the letter “O” for Ontario and the green takes away that corporate feeling others described. Other than that, it’s simple, and could easily be reproduced in black and white for letterheads and such.

    #3! #3! #3! #3!

  2. These are great, Jeremy. Thanks again for volunteering your time to work on this logo. Feel free to insert your own questions and comments about the feedback you get.

    As colourful and appealing as the ones with a blue center are, I still lean toward a simpler logo w/out the association with water.
    I liked Kathryn’s suggestion from the first round, of having #s 13 or 14 (now #s 5 and 9) ringed by the full name of the group. The acronym could remain where it is, forming a flat bottom edge to the ring. A realistically-drawn trillium will help give it a more organic feel to be sure, especially if the flower is not too symmetrical. You could see how it looks to have part of one petal interrupt the full name ring. Something like that would work equally well in colour or bl and wh, and if we need to we could remove the full name from the logo.

    I also like # 13, but with a larger full name and with a trillium situated above or next to the acronym in an asymmetrical way.

    If the consensus from others is a preference for the circles with blue centers, I would suggest that the full name form a complete circle around the blue center. As it is now, the space between the top and bottom parts I find distracting. In order to accomplish that without making the type much larger, you could try using all caps and/or adjusting the kerning, and possibly using a small circle or other symbol on each side between the two parts. I like the outer circle around the inner (as in #s 3, 4, 7, 8, and 11). In #s 3 and 4, the color gradation in the outer circles makes it looks as though the logo is nickel-plated – a neat effect but not one that I think is appropriate for SONSI (unless we start manufacturing automobiles).

  3. Thanks for taking this on Jeremy. They look really good. My preference is for 5,9,12-14 or some combination thereabout. I like that they are clean, easy to read, and will print easily with one colour on a photocopier or printer.

    Like others I am concerned about the disc backgrounds and the gradients is for reproduction and black and white versions. Can you make the logos in black and white, greyscale, and smaller?

  4. looking independently,
    and discussing all the logos,
    with my husband the designer,

    we like logo #1

    the green SONSI with the blue beetle is quite unique, clean readable, memorable..good in black & white also

    gets my vote

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