6 responses to “SONSI logo sketches – Round 4

  1. I vote for #3. It has good recognition qualities, the whole name is written out, the acronym is there, the trillium says Ontario and the colours speak of our natural world.

    Thank you Jeremy!

  2. For the moment, I just want to comment about the trillium rendering. It’s certainly common and appropriate for logos to use a stylized icon of a familiar subject – like a flower. However, for a group of people who strive to accurately illustrate science and nature, shouldn’t our emblem be an accurate and recognizable representation of a particular species? It can still be idealized while remaining recognizable. I think Jeremy’s choice of Trillium grandiflorum is appropriate because it is Ontario’s official emblem and (I’m not certain of this) is the most common trillium here in Southern Ontario. In these Round 4 renderings, the trillium is not recognizable as that species in my opinion. Seems to me the petals should have wavier edges and curl under at the tips. Also, in a quick survey of Google image results, it appears that one of the petals overlaps the other two; they do not all overlap each other as shown above, and the shortened sepals in #7 don’t look quite right. Maybe I’m being nit-picky, but isn’t that what we do?

    • The sepals In 7 were shortened only for design purposes. It looked terrible with the sepal being over or under the SONSI name and in order for it to be far enough away to avoid the overlap it looked okward. As for the pedals I can make a quick edit.

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