Space to fill, art to hang

The biggest event for SONSI members is fast approaching – our first group gallery show!  Let’s take a look at the space for the Southern Ontario Nature and Science Illustrators 2011 Exhibit.

Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road West, Burlington, Ontario (Mezzanine) Map here.

April 30 set up (Official exhibit dates are May 1 to May 28). May 29 take-down.  Note the hanging chains for us to display the artwork.

Keep watching for more news and preparations as we get ready for the show.


One response to “Space to fill, art to hang

  1. I recommend Victor Gallery on Queen Street West, Toronto, for frames. They are on the North side, just west of Bathurst. They sell plain wood frames in a limited range of colours, including gold, silver, black and natural wood. They have a wide range of sizes and shapes but they stock only white and cream mat which they will custom cut for you while you wait. Apart from the mat cutting, everything is ready to go, off the shelf. Their great advantage is price. Because they operate on the Ikea principle, where you do the assembly, their prices are considerably lower than standard frame shops.

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