Exhibit 2013 Reception

SONSI’s third annual exhibit began on Saturday February 2nd at its most eastern location so far, the Richview Public Library in Toronto.

The space is intimate, bright and airy and the shelves of books nearby are a fitting accompaniment to SONSI’s art.  The library even set up a table of books in their collection with works of art by exhibiting SONSI members.

Books illustrated by exhibitors. Photo: Emily S Damstra

Books illustrated by exhibitors. Photo: Emily S Damstra

The exhibit opened with a reception in the afternoon.  In attendance were many SONSI members, interested library visitors and those who came specifically to attend the event.  The gallery was lively with plenty of conversation and discussion, mostly about the art but I’m sure there was more than one conversation about the excellent food.

The exhibit provided a compact but comprehensive collection of nature and science art and illustration, a type of collection that is quite unusual, where else could an archeological illustration, an ornithological illustration and an observational watercolour be seen alongside one another?

Hanging the exhibit. Photo: Emily S Damstra

Hanging the exhibit. Photo: Emily S Damstra

The winners and notable mentions of the public vote reflected this eclecticism with first and second place going to Kathryn Chorney, (Bracket Fungus) and (European Beech) respectively, third place going to Emily S. Damstra (Black Crappie), and honourable mentions going to Marianne Collins (Orthrozanclus), Maayan Harel (Flea Beetle), Nellie Sue Potter (White Oak Acorn Sprout).

Thanks should go to everyone who’s efforts both great and small made this event and exhibition possible.

– Elizabeth P.

View the Exhibit 2013 Gallery here.

See more photos of the exhibit.


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