Presentation Day 2014

When: September 6, 2014, 10:45 AM until about 5 PM**
Where: The Community Room at Loblaw’s, 5010 Glen Erin Drive, Mississauga, ON
Who: SONSI members, their guests, and the general public
Fee: There is no fee for SONSI members. Non-members are asked to give a $15 donation to help cover the costs of facility rental and food.
RSVP: to Emily or to by September 4

A day of informal presentations, demonstrations, and workshops by members of SONSI. Lunch and snacks provided by SONSI. Gluten-free items will be available. Please bring your own beverage. There is hot coffee available for purchase at this Loblaw’s store.

11:00 AM
Kathryn Killackey 
More Than Just Tracing: Recording and Reconstructing the Çatalhöyük Wall Paintings

© Kathryn Killackey

© Kathryn Killackey

Çatalhöyük, a 9000-year-old Neolithic site in Turkey, is well known for its wall paintings depicting both geometric patterns and figurative scenes. Kathryn will discuss her experiences recording and reconstructing these wall paintings over the past 8 excavation seasons. This process, while beginning with a tracing, also involves knowledge of the archaeology at Çatalhöyük and the stratigraphic record, as well as an eye for pattern and design.

Kathryn Killackey is a science illustrator with extensive experience illustrating archaeological subjects from a range of time periods and geographic areas. She has been the project illustrator for the Çatalhöyük Research Project for the past 8 years.

11:25 AM
Emily S. Damstra
An Insect Life Cycle

© Emily Damstra

© Emily Damstra

A recent assignment had Emily traipsing through a local mosquito-infested woodland in search of New Jersey Tea, the host plant for the butterfly she’d been asked to illustrate. See Emily’s painting of the Mottled Duskywing life cycle and hear about her process.

Emily S. Damstra has been a freelance illustrator for 14 years, exploring a diversity of subjects and projects along the way. She has an MFA degree in Science Illustration from the University of Michigan.

11:50 AM
Karen Reczuch
Entering the Tunnel

© Karen Reczuch

© Karen Reczuch

Children’s book illustrator Karen Reczuch finds the process of working on a new book is like entering a long tunnel. Currently hovering at the mouth of a new project, Karen will give an update on progress on her latest book, a west coast wildlife alphabet, just before she gets swallowed up entirely.

Karen Reczuch studied at Sheridan College and has been illustrating Canadian picture books for over 25 years, including the award-winning books “Salmon Creek” and “Loon.”

12:00 PM (approx.)

1:00 PM (approx.)
Karen Logan
Chinese Brush Painting

© Karen Logan

© Karen Logan

For a number of years, Karen has been creating botanical illustrations using the Chinese Brush Painting technique. Karen will share her knowledge of the technique, including an explanation of the spontaneous aspect and the specific brush strokes. She will demonstrate the technique and will bring materials so that we may all try it out too. Please bring your own water dish.

Taking private drawing lessons as a child, specializing in art studies throughout high school and receiving three honours certificates in fine arts from Mohawk College has helped keep art a central component of Karen’s life. Originally a mechanical draftsperson and technical illustrator, Karen now works part time for two not-for-profit, industrial environmental organizations. Karen most enjoys painting botanicals, birds and animals in fine detail and shows her work at McMaster Innovation Park, juried shows and local fall fairs.

2:30 PM (approx)*
Kathryn Chorney
Watercolour and Ink Mixed Media demonstration/workshop

© Kathryn Chorney

© Kathryn Chorney

A naturalistic approach to depicting a variety of organic materials, such as wood, stone, foliage, bark, metals – using non-traditional applications to create rich textures that expand the possibilities of illustrating scientific/technical subject matter. This is a hands-on, participatory demo, so bring your sketchbook and small watercolour kit if you have one – lots of materials will be provided for experimentation.

Kathryn Chorney is a full time professor in the Bachelor of Illustration program at Sheridan College, Oakville, and an award-winning medical and scientific illustrator. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto’s Master of Science in Biomedical Communications program.


*There will be time for a short break in the middle of Kathryn’s time slot

**Following the presentations, attendees may choose to gather at a local restaurant for a relaxing dinner and (as is always the case) great conversations. When you RSVP for the event, please let Emily know if you intend to join the dinner group so reservations may be made. Dinner is not paid for by SONSI. Location TBA.

See you September 6!

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