2015 SONSI Presentation Day

On September 26, 2015, about 20 people met at the Community Room in the Brampton Fortinos for SONSI’s Presentation Day 2015.

President Emily Damstra welcomed all participants and made sure all had a good seat and a nametag. Steven Potter set up a TV screen and manned a video camera throughout each presentation so that all participants could get a close-up view of the demonstrations, no matter where they were sitting.

Nellie Sue Potter gave the first presentation, which was on the use of coloured pencil in scientific illustration. After demonstrating the main techniques and terms, Nellie Sue gave each participant paper, mylar film and fresh crabapples, fall leaves or berries so that each could try out the techniques. She then gave individual feedback as participants depicted their chosen subjects.

Photo by Steven Potter

Photo by Steven Potter

The second presenter was Kathryn Killackey, who gave us an introductory experience in the world of archaeological illustration. After explaining some of the conventions and techniques used in illustrating pottery fragments, Kathryn led the group through an exercise of measuring and illustrating the coffee mugs that each artist had brought. She shared charts and tools as we followed her step-by step instructions. We all gained a new appreciation for the precision of this work!

Photo by Steven Potter

Photo by Steven Potter

Emily had gathered a delectable assortment of luncheon items, and we all enjoyed the generous repast after the intensity of the first two workshops.

Linda Montgomery led the third and final workshop. Linda explained and demonstrated the many acrylic paint products made by the Liquitex company. She also explained the Liquitex system of offering paint in different consistencies, which can be combined with a large assortment of modeling pastes, mediums, glazes and textures, and a Liquitex line of markers and spray paint.

SONSI Presentation Day, September 2015

SONSI Presentation Day, September 2015

Everyone expressed enthusiasm for what they had learned from the three presentations, and we all headed home with Liquitex samples, fresh crabapples and a deeper appreciation of our coffee mugs (and archeological illustrators!)

— Nellie Sue P.

See more photos of this event.


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