Charles Weiss in Toronto exhibit

Charles Weiss, SONSI’s newest member, is the featured artist in an exhibit at Wesburn Manor Art Gallery, 400 The West Mall at Burnamthorp Road…. Read more »

Solo exhibit features orchids

An exhibit of botanical drawings by SONSI member Trish Murphy is showing at Richview LIbrary in Toronto. Some friends, including SONSI members Kathryn Chorney… Read more »

Tropical Orchids of Toronto Exhibit

SONSI member Trish Murphy invites you to a reception for her art exhibit Tropical Orchids of Toronto, Richview Library Art Gallery. The reception is… Read more »

Burgess shale creature illustration

The CBC website has recently posted a fascinating article on Tegopelte, an ancient creature known from the Burgess shale soft-bodied fossils. A curator at… Read more »