Statement of Goals

We are a regional organization of illustrators whose works focus on science and nature.

Our goals are to:

  • Further our own professional development by learning from each other
  • Encourage each other toward higher standards of competence and ethics
  • Network and socialize with others having similar interests and work experiences
  • Support the intellectual property rights of visual artists
  • Promote our discipline to the general public and to potential clients
  • Educate the public about science and nature through our work

We meet a few times a year, primarily in locations between Kitchener and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We occasionally have group exhibits and ‘Presentation Days’ (mini-conferences with presentations by members). We are an informal organization run by volunteers, with members from all over Southern Ontario. Anyone with a genuine interest in nature and science illustration is welcome to join.


Speculative Work

Speculative (spec) work is any kind of work that a creative professional renders and submits to a potential client in the hopes of securing work or payment, but without guarantee of appropriate compensation and/or without a fair agreement concerning rights to the work. Often the solicitation for spec work is in the form of a contest or competition.

The Southern Ontario Nature and Science Illustrators endorses the positions of these two organizations on the issue of spec work:
The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators
The Association of Medical Illustrators
SONSI will not promote or distribute solicitations for spec work, and discourages its members from engaging in spec work.

More information:


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