On Saturday June 11, SONSI members & friends were invited to an open house at member Hall Train’s studio in Mississauga. At this informal drop-in, Hall talked about his work making full-size 3D dinosaurs and other animals for a variety of museums and other clients around the world. His current project is a mother and baby mastodon. As you can see in the photos, the adult is in the midst of receiving her lovely custom-made fur. It became clear that Hall is a master of many fields, including vertebrate paleontology, sculpture, engineering, and materials. His stories and solutions to problems were fascinating. We are very grateful to Hall and to member Kathryn Chorney for organizing this event, providing refreshments, and so generously sharing their time and expertise with us.

Anyone who plans to be in Ottawa this summer or fall might like to check out Hall’s Indricotherium sculpture which has just arrived at the Canadian Museum of Nature as part of the American Museum of Natural History’s traveling ‘Extreme Mammals’ exhibit. The exhibit will be there until Nov 6.