Kathry Chorney, Polyphore fungi. Watercolour and graphite.

Kathryn Chorney: Polypore fungi – Tyromyces. Watercolour and graphite.

Kathryn Chorney’s piece “Polypore Fungi – Tyromyces” was juried into the GNSI’s summer exhibit taking place at the Dorr Museum at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, from July 08 to August 24, 2013.

Kathryn says: “I found these fungi in High Park, Toronto, in October 2011. I was fascinated by their forms, and as always, there was the reward that comes from taking notice of the natural subjects that present themselves in the course of our daily lives – even the humblest subjects offer such a big opportunity. I supported my observational drawing with research in field guides and several internet mycology sites, to determine that my specimens were Tyromyces, a common polypore fungus of dead wood.

“I spent many hours working on colour palette and drawing style, having quickly realized I was not just illustrating fungi, but also the maple tree bark, which is very craggy seen this close-up. I ultimately used a mix of techniques including graphite, watercolour washes, masking, sponging and spattering, as well as opaque gouache and casein. I also decided to add a calligraphic element: I chose the only Shakespearian reference to mushrooms — a short quotation from The Tempest.”

A gallery of the exhibition is planned for the GNSI web site – <www.gnsi.science-art.com>