Christmas Birds by Barry MacKay.

The tide of sweets and baking is ever increasing at the office, at lunchtime we all gather around the table and sample the day’s offerings while chatting about work and about personal things, the conversation tends to lead itself in any direction it pleases.  Getting to know my colleagues in this way, not by directly working with them, has numerous benefits, an experience which is certainly diminished in the world of the freelance illustrator and many of the wonderfully diverse and intriguing careers that are associated with SONSI.

On December the tenth, SONSI members met for an evening of food, portfolio sharing, and that all-important conversation.   Such a variety and vastness of information can be learnt from just one SONSI member, the areas of specialty and interest are very varied, and as we discovered, it is possible to find people with similar areas of interest.   Sharing portfolios in person is also a much more personal way to view each other’s work, as you can ask your questions and offer praise straight away.   All in all, it was a great evening of eating and learning about colleagues.

Thanks should go to all of those who attended for sharing such excellent food and portfolios.  A very big thanks should also go to Barry K MacKay for allowing us to use his beautiful painting of Pine Grossbeaks for the invitation card.

– Elizabeth

On behalf of all the members and guests who attended the party, a big thanks to Elizabeth for organizing and hosting the event.

– Trish