Here is your opportunity to submit questions you hope to have answered at our October 2nd event with a lawyer specializing in legal issues for artists. There will be a question-and-answer period. However, with a large audience there may not be time for every question. Also, the questions posed here may serve as a guideline for the lawyer when he prepares his presentation. Post your questions as comments below.

Initially, the lawyer was told that we’d be interested in hearing about:

• registering visual arts copyrights in Canada AND in the USA, the benefits of registering, and the advantages/disadvantages of doing so in one country vs. another
• what to do when someone has infringed copyright
• what constitutes Fair Use, especially on the internet
• tips for writing contracts (common pitfalls, etc)
• the proposed new copyright legislation in Canada and how it might affect illustrators
• any relevant interesting cases he’s had or has heard about

These are fairly general topics. What specific questions do you have?

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