Cutting a template from yellow craft foam. Photo: Elizabeth Pratt.

Continuing with the Celtic themed Robbie Burns day workshop that began the Ghillie Brogues creation (or recreation) SONSI members recongregated at Hall Train studios on St Patricks day for the next stage of the workshop. The Ghillie Brogue, and in particular this Ghille Brogue was the footwear of choice for the Celtic Scotts. Or at least the one who lost his shoe in a bog some time ago, providing history, the ingenuity of Hall Train and the curiosity of SONSI members with a fascinating artifact.

The workshop began with the fantastically coloured foam mock-ups that members had begun to create in the first workshop.  After carefully taping them in place the elegant process of crafting the lacing began (with much help and guidance from Hall).  As everyone’s shoes began to take shape it was interesting to see how each member wanted to ensure that each of their individual needs were met in the final design. This particular design is very adaptable and can easily be altered to meet each individual need, another accomplishment of such an ancient and seemingly outmoded design.

As the final leather shoes were cut and laced, members began to look as ease in their new footwear. Once the final sewing has been done it is entirely possible that these shoes will be seen being worn by members.  I wonder though if they will ever be tested out on the original earthy damp terrai that they were originally designed for?

Enormous thanks should go to Hall for sharing his expertise, time and studio with SONSI, and also to Kathryn and Joseph.

– Elizabeth

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