SONSI member Karen Logan recently spent a month in China, travelling as well as exhibiting some of her paintings, which could be considered natural science illustrations done using traditional Chinese brush painting techniques. The visit, led by Karen’s Chinese brush painting instructor at Mohawk College, was to enable a small group to exhibit their work in two different locations—Beizhen and Nantong.

About the Beizhen exhibit, Karen said “The arts community met us with open arms, helping us get settled and arranging trips to various artist studios and local landmarks until the gallery was ready. Over 40 local artists participated in the joint exhibition and many lent a hand to help frame and hang our work for the exhibit. It opened with great fanfare and speeches by their vice mayor and other local government officials.”

The second exhibit also opened with government officials and speeches, as well as a demonstration by local artists. “This time,” said Karen, “the exhibit was set up by our host who had arranged to have the work framed and hung by a local framing company which was a definite relief for us.”

Congratulations to Karen for having her work in these unique exhibits!