SONSI member Kathryn Chorney was pleased to have her work Birch Polypore – Piptoporus betulinus juried into Focus on Nature XIII, the pre-eminent biennial for Scientific Illustration. The exhibit opened at the New York State Museum on April 19, 2014 and runs thru to January 4, 2015. This year’s exhibit features 71 artists from 15 different countries.

Birch Polypore - Piptoporus betulinus © Kathryn Chorney

Birch Polypore – Piptoporus betulinus © Kathryn Chorney

Birch Polypore – Piptoporus betulinus
Watercolour on paper
14″h x 10.5″w


Kathryn wrote the following notes to accompany her illustration:
“While walking in the woods north of Toronto, I found this specimen on a fallen birch tree that had collapsed over a tangle of weeds. I illustrated it from a number of different view angles, to emphasize how this fascinating geometric form emerges from the trunk. The goldenrod standing at right provides both a counterpoint to the fungus’ form, and orientation to the fallen, horizontal tree trunk.

I was also fascinated by the birchbark, with its delicate patterns and hues, the peeling bark strips curling into scrolls. The impressionistic media effect in the background is meant to suggest a tangle of grasses and weeds, and I added a calligraphic element to enhance both information and visual appeal.”


– Emily D.