The Royal Botanical Gardens, as of this past Saturday, is now the host of the first SONSI exhibit. The day began with members gathering to hang the work at the location, the mezzanine of the RBG Centre. After a short tutorial for those who didn’t already have the skills, the works were meticulously arranged, hung, labeled and then, after being admired, balloted by all of the present members. The results of the ballot reflected the wonderful variety of work that SONSI members have contributed to this exhibit, from masterful and lucid illustrations all the way through to some more vivacious and interpretive works.

All of this completed, members moved on to nearby La Salle Towers for some much deserved refreshments and the chance not only to celebrate the exhibit, but also discuss SONSI events for the year ahead and the warmer months to come.

The exhibit is open until the 29th of May, a visit to which would be a unique opportunity to see such a range and diversity of scientific illustration. Recent additions to the world of scientific illustration are alongside well established and accomplished artists, with a varied range of style, technique and audience, be it for children or academics. There are a total of 42 works exhibited by 18 artists. There is certainly something for everyone to admire and a chance to see something slightly different from the average art exhibit.  It would also be the perfect complement to a day out at the wonderful and extensive RBG.

See photos from the exhibit.