Mark your calendars: SONSI’s 2015 Presentation Day will be held on Saturday, Sept 26, most likely in a community room at an Etobicoke or Brampton Fortinos. As always, this event is open to the public, though we do request a small donation from non-members to help cover the cost of food and facility rental.

In past years this event has been excellent, with interesting and inspiring presentations. I’m sure this year’s event will be just as worthwhile. Please plan to attend (SONSI provides lunch). We have one presentation confirmed; it will be an expert acrylics paint demonstration by a non-member.


We’d like to fill the rest of the day with member presentations 3 to 20 minutes long on a topic of their choosing (something related to nature and science illustration). We are a diverse group with a range of experiences and interests; we can all learn something from each other so please don’t be shy. If you presented last year – we want you back! If you didn’t – we want to hear from you!

This will be an educational, informal, casual, fun day.  Please contact me by the end of July to let me know what you have in mind so I can make the schedule and advertise the presenters/topics. The presentations can include props, technique demonstrations, PowerPoint slides, or just plain talking.

View topics from the previous two years for some ideas:

Presentation Day 2014

Presentation Day 2013

I hope to see everyone there!

– Emily